Mason Zabojnik. TWENTY-ONE-year-old Czech FINAL-YEAR design and media university student, visual and graphic artist, DESIGNER, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND MINIMALIST. currently based in Dallas, Texas.
Mason has possessed an imaginative, insatiable, and intuitive mindset since she was young. From expressing ideas of creativity as a toddler to later discovering her passion for visual and graphic art throughout her adolescence, design, photography, and videography became vital outlets that allowed her to unapologetically and freely express herself.
Her subject matter offers a glimpse into both individual and collective concepts of design, photography, videography, and typography with a particular focus on urban cityscapes, exploration of light as a medium, and digital graphics.
One of the ultimate aspirations behind her work is to give people insight into her mind’s thought processes and personal perspectives — specifically, how she sees life through her own eyes and why she considers her work to be an accurate visual depiction of her life’s diary. The world is her canvas and her camera is her brush.
Her predominant ideology that practice makes progress and not perfection as well as what you believe becomes your reality has shaped her into the woman she is today and pushed the boundaries of her creative talents, passions, and interests.
Clients whom she has designed and created content for include Markiplier, Dell, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Rooster Teeth. Artists who inspire her include Josef Koudelka, Saul Leiter, Thomas Struth, Darren Pearson, Lucas Zimmermann, Andreas Levers, Alex Trochut, Nathaniel Drew, Jason Anderson, and Wassily Kandinsky.
Refusing to confine herself to a box, she is constantly seeking knowledge and fulfilling her desire to learn and experience. By living and viewing her life through an intentional, aesthetic, and creative lens and always paying close attention to minuscule details, she finds bits and pieces of beauty in the ordinary.
As an aesthete, artist, creative old soul, and cinephile, she takes considerable pleasure in documenting her life through various mediums and wants her last name, Zabojnik, to be universally recognized and referenced someday within the creativity and design world.
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